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Start your data discovery or enrichment request by submitting a fine-grained, detailed ideal customer persona or account list. DealSIgnal is built to handle almost any specialized request.
With its powerful data engines and unmatched breadth, DealSignal delivers the highest match rates in the industry.
Every discovery job uses the freshest available data + DealSignal can refresh your CRM or marketing automation system lists in real-time so they’re always up-to-date.
Using your fine-grained persona, the DealSignal engines discover new leads/contacts/accounts that are the perfect fit.
DealSignal can enrich your current lists with up-to-date info, including direct dial phone numbers.
Before your results are delivered, the data is put through a verification process to ensure the highest quality.
No more paying for bad data!
DealSignal’s goal is 100% data perfection so the platform is designed to learn from any rogue data errors and you receive credit back for any you find.
The Data Engine uses powerful A.I. and algorithms to determine which leads/account/contacts best fit your ideal customer persona.
To ensure the highest possible quality, Data Engine results are hand-checked by human data researchers.
The DealSignal Platform Comprises a proprietary database + specialized 3rd party data providers + the cloud to ensure the highest breadth and depth of data available.