Why ABM is Reaching New Heights [infographic]

by | Jan 30, 2018 | Blog

Account-Based Marketing is gaining popularity because it works

As buying teams become larger and buyer journeys become more complex, B2B marketing and sales teams are increasingly moving to account-based marketing and account-based sales. Why? Because it works.

As noted on the infographic below, research from industry analysts and associations has found that ABM is helping marketing and sales teams increase their conversion rates, close larger deals, save valuable prospecting time – and it delivers a higher ROI than other marketing activities.

That’s not to say that inbound marketing is dead. Far from it. In fact, demand gen experts recommend taking a balanced approach in making the move from inbound to ABM, as it can be a tricky process to get right.

Making the move to ABM

First, the key is to pick the best accounts to target, which requires a deep understanding of your company’s ideal customer profile and complete, fresh contact and account data with which to make the decision. One you know the size and make-up of your total audience, it’s important to pick the right engagement channels and to personalize your approach for each person and organization.

Luckily, there are experts who are happy to share their recipes for ABM success, so you can start seeing the many benefits of an account-based approach to marketing.

Click the infographic below to download a PDF version.

ABM infographic