Case Study:

How DealSignal Helped a SaaS Company Improve Target Audience Coverage, Increase Conversions

A solution so powerful, we can’t tell you the full story


Smart B2B marketers know that personalization is key—even thought it’s called account-based marketing (ABM), you’re still selling to people.

To create effective ABM campaigns, you first need to identify your target personas at a very granular level and measure your total audience (TAM). With those insights, you can appropriately segment your audience to create highly targeted, personalized messages that convert at higher rates and drive more revenue.

We interviewed the Marketing Manager at one of our SaaS customer companies to discuss how the DealSignal On-demand Contact Data Platform helps him:

  • Discover fresh, complete contacts that match micro-targeted ICPs
  • Increase ABM campaign engagement & conversions
  • Improve data accuracy + CRM coverage of his TAM
  • Save time by eliminating manual research, wasted sales outreach

Note: The company’s management considers DealSignal such a competitive advantage that they have asked us to keep their name off the case study!

When we started working with DealSignal, we were able to get a lot more granular understanding of our TAMs and target personas—it was just a much more granular approach—and a lot better accuracy in terms of the filters and the quality of the data.”

Marketing Manager

"A SaaS Company"

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