Comprehensive, fresh & accurate data to power your sales and marketing performance

DealSignal Solutions

Power your revenue engine with fresh, accurate data to maximize your sales and marketing performance.

Enrich your Inbound Leads

Keep your forms short and automatically get the complete, accurate contact details your team needs to drive more conversions.

Improve CRM Data Quality

Most CRMs are a dumpster fire of incomplete, obsolete, decaying data. DealSignal CRM Data Health can automatically refresh and reverifiy your data on a schedule you set.

Easily Capture Leads Across the Web

Gain complete control over daily prospecting with the DealSignal Chrome extension. One click to capture leads you find on web and social sites, verify and enrich them with accurate contact info, and save them to your CRM.

Improve ABM Effectiveness

DealSignal provides fresh, accurate, verified B2B data that helps sales & marketing teams maximize total audience coverage.

Find In-Market Buyers with Intent

DealSignal intent data identifies unknown buyers and teams actively looking for solutions like yours. Prioritize in-market accounts, personalize your ABM outreach, and generate more revenue.

Build Precise Decision-Maker Lists

Eliminate manual research and generate pipeline faster. DealSignal can deliver fresh, verified, accurate contact and account data to fuel your sales performance.

Designed for accuracy

The DealSignal Platform was designed from the ground up to deliver top-quality data. That includes a built-in feedback loop for continuous data quality improvement. If you ever find an inaccuracy, just click a button to report it and your account is credited. No hoops to jump through. No runaround.
Data Intelligence

Dynamic, multi-step
verification process

Most B2B data platforms perform periodic and partial updates without comprehensive, reliable verification. DealSignal uses AI and machine learning algorithms, robots, and human researchers to reverify your data just before it’s delivered to you. This unique process ensures that you’re getting the most complete, accurate information available at the time.

What can you expect from DealSignal?


Global contacts

And 20M+ global companies across all industries, geos, sizes. 100+ data points per contact.



DealSignal consistently delivers 97%+ verified accurate emails, phones, and mailing addresses.


Time savings

DealSignal eliminates manual contact research and time wasted reaching out to the wrong people.



Stop paying for bad data. DealSignal provides the industry’s only 100% accuracy guarantee.

Unparalleled coverage

Any B2B industry, any buyer persona, any ICP. DealSignal’s on-demand, multi-sourcing and verification process can deliver the exact data you need, when you need it, with 100+ verified-accurate data points per record, including:

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100% verified with ~97% accuracy

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Corporate Phones

Industry leading coverage, 100% verified

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Direct-dial & cell phones

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Mailing address for direct mail

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Complete contact profiles

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Social URLs for multi-channel outreach

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Detailed firmographics

(industry, SIC, employees, revenue…)

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Web technographics

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Intent data to uncover in-market buyers

Top quality data, guaranteed

The DealSignal B2B Data Platform

Rather than maintaining a static database that’s prone to data decay (3% to 5% per month), the DealSignal Data Platform uses a patent-pending process that combines precision targeting across 600M contacts & accounts plus dynamic data multi-sourcing, triangulation, enrichment, and verification using AI algorithms, robots, and human researchers.

This powerful combination enables DealSignal to consistently deliver 97%+ accuracy across all data with unparalleled audience coverage – all backed by a 100% data quality guarantee.

We take data privacy seriously

DealSignal helps you comply with data privacy regulations by flagging contacts in regions subject to GDPR and CCPA so you can optionally restrict them from your data requests. We also make it easy for individuals to remove their information from our database.

To reduce your risk with leads and contacts already in your CRM/MAP, enrich them with DealSignal verified location data, so you don’t have any surprises.

What our clients say

Take your performance to a higher level using the highest quality B2B data