ABM Effectiveness

Get complete, accurate contact & account data to drive ABM engagement

You sell to people, not faceless accounts. Run cost-effective, multichannel ABM plays that deliver results by building out your target list with contacts that fit your ideal buyer persona + get detailed, verified contact info and firmographics you need for precise targeting and effective personalization.

Run effective ABM programs

Get the volume of target contacts + validated contact info you need to execute successful multichannel, multi-touch campaigns.

Cut your ABM ad spend

Stop overspending on broad, untargeted audiences that don’t convert and achieve a higher ROI from your digital marketing.

Scale ABM efficiently

Drive better ABM results at scale by laser focusing on your best target buyers at in-market accounts.

Get complete coverage of your ideal buyers in ABM accounts

When you don’t have enough target contacts in your ABM accounts, you can’t reach buying teams and drive engagement. DealSignal provides precise targeting options to deliver contacts that fit your exact target persona(s) at any size and type of company.

Get the highest quality contact info for multichannel, multi-touch ABM programs

Build out your ABM target lists with verified, accurate contacts + detailed contact profiles with all the data you need to power multichannel ABM and direct sales outreach—from direct-dials and mobile phones, to personal and work emails.

Run more efficient ABM campaigns & get more leads

Reign in your social media ad spend and forget generic targeting by department or function. Use DealSignal’s granular persona filters to create precisely targeted custom audiences and laser focus your ads on targeted buying teams.

Don’t miss out on accounts actively researching your category

Get a jump on your competitors and win more deals. Use intent and intent location data to identify buying teams at in-market accounts. Increase conversions by prioritizing ABM accounts/programs by intent and account fit scoring.

Easy integration with your tech stack

With seamless integrations and the flexibility of CSV uploads, DealSignal makes it easy to sync enriched accounts and fresh ABM contacts to your CRM and sales, marketing or ABM platform.
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