Find In-market Buyers with Intent

Prioritize in-market accounts and drive revenue faster

Right now, potential customers are out there actively looking for what you sell. Through a partnership with Bombora, DealSignal intent data can help you uncover hidden buying teams, prioritize in-market accounts, and personalize your ABM to drive more conversions faster.
B2B Intent-Based Leads, Accounts, & Contact Data

Uncover hidden buying teams

Get complete, verified contact info of potential buyers showing surging interest in your product category.

Prioritize in-market accounts

Accelerate sales velocity by focusing on accounts signaling that they’re ready to buy.


Increase ABM conversions

Personalize your outreach and ABM campaigns to the specific topics an account is showing interest in.

Increase inbound lead conversions

See who’s truly in-market and whether a buying team is forming. DealSignal can enrich your inbound leads with intent data + persona and account fit + complete, verified accurate contact info + firmographics to help your team prioritize and personalize their lead follow-up.

Prioritize & engage in-market ABM accounts

DealSignal can enrich your target account list with intent data + firmographics to show you which companies are showing surging interest in your product category—or up to 50 topics of your choice.

Select Intent Topics

Find decision makers at in-market accounts

Choose up to 50 topics + your target persona(s) and DealSignal will deliver net-new, targeted contacts at accounts signaling purchase intent for those topics—including full contact info and firmographics.

Fresh, in-market leads delivered each week

Don’t miss out on in-market buyers. DealSignal intent data makes it easy to get a jump on your competitors.

Dynamic monitoring & account matching

Your topics are automatically monitored and matched to accounts showing increasing content consumption across the web.

Begin multichannel outreach

Add your new contacts + surging topics to your CRM, MAP or ABM platform and start reaching in-market buyers with highly-personalized messages.

Define personas & choose topics

Define your target buyer personas and choose up to 50 Bombora intent topics to dynamically monitor for intent signals.

Contact discovery & enrichment

DealSignal delivers complete, verified contact details of people who fit your target personas at surging accounts + firmographics to help with personalization.

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