CRM Data Health

Automatic CRM data enrichment, refresh, & reverification on schedule

CRM Data Enrichment and Refresh

Conquer data decay

CRM dumpster fire? DealSignal can keep your data refreshed automatically.

Data Quality

Improve data quality

Power your programs with fresh, accurate data to drive better results.

3-5x audience coverage

Achieve comprehensive, accurate info on your total audience.

CRM Field Accuracy

Incomplete, inaccurate data = poor performance

Bad data negatively impacts your automations and results. Bad data, is literally, a waste of time and money. See where you stand with a CRM data health check. Get a detailed report on how many of your contact and account fields are incomplete, inaccurate or outdated.

Maintain healthy data, on a schedule

DealSignal’s seamless integration with Salesforce makes it easy to continuously refresh, enrich and reverify your CRM data on a regular schedule. Achieve complete, fresh, accurate data on your ABM accounts and target contacts.
CRM Refresh Updates
CRM Field Accuracy

How can CRM Data Health help your team?

How does CRM Data Health work?

DealSignal makes it easy to automatically refresh your CRM data—and keep it fresh on a regular schedule.

Start with a no-cost CRM data health audit

Get a baseline analysis of how spotty and outdated your CRM data is. On average, up to 50% is typically inaccurate and incomplete!

CRM Data

Import your CRM data

Choose your preferred refresh and enrichment options and launch your initial refresh. You can pick just a segment, such as ABM accounts, or all your accounts, contacts and leads.

DealSignal dynamically refreshes, enriches & reverifies all your data

Detailed firmographics, direct-dial and corporate phones, verified email, job title, social URLs, even persona fit and buyer intent...100+ available fields automatically refreshed and enriched.

Your CRM data is refreshed automatically

Choose a monthly, quarterly or custom schedule for DealSignal to refresh, enrich, and reverify your data. Bi-directional CRM integration makes it easy.

Rest easy knowing your CRM data is fresh, complete & accurate!

The DealSignal platform takes a dynamic, AI-driven, on-demand approach to data enrichment and verification to deliver unparalleled match rates and 97%+ accuracy with a 100% data guarantee.

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