Marketing Budget Cuts

How to Deliver Pipeline When Your Marketing Budget Is Slashed

Learn the specific steps to take and the tools you’ll need to ride out any budget crisis, continue to drive leads and contribute to revenue, and be well-positioned to make your case for additional marketing budget in the future.

How B2B Data can Help you Survive 2020 and Thrive in 2021

When 2020 began, we had no idea what the year had in store. B2B marketing budgets are tighter, teams are smaller, and resources will be constrained for the foreseeable future. Yet your leadership’s expectations likely haven’t changed. Learn why data is your secret weapon for seizing control and reaching your goals, despite the hurdles caused by the pandemic.

B2B Data Providers

How to Evaluate B2B Data Providers and Find the Best Fit

There are so many B2B data vendors to choose from that you may feel overwhelmed. This article provides a list of the key criteria to consider when evaluating vendors and explains how to evaluate each requirement, so you can make the right decision for your team.

Digital Marketing Channels with the Best ROI

In the wake of dramatic budget and staffing cuts, B2B marketing and sales teams are under increasing pressure to prove their value. This article will help you sort out which digital marketing channels can help you achieve your awareness, pipeline, and revenue goals and deliver the best ROI.

How Intent-based ABM Helps Optimize Your Go-To-Market Strategy

Account-based marketing (ABM) helps Marketing & Sales teams focus on best-fit buyers. This article explains how adding intent data helps you increase conversions by optimizing your outreach timing to ideal buyers that are actively in-market.

Why Spring Cleaning is Important for your Martech Stack

Martech tools can pile up like old junk in the garage. This article explains why it’s important to periodically evaluate whether your martech stack still fits your marketing strategy—and it details how simplifying their stack from 22 to 7 tools helped Pramata drive better results.

Good Data Helps Marketing & Sales Feel the Love

It’s the old story: Sales accuses Marketing of sending them “bad” leads, or not generating enough good ones. Marketing accuses Sales of not following up on leads they’ve generated, or not following up quickly enough. What can bring Marketing and Sales together so they can work more effectively as a revenue generating team? Good data.

How to Maximize the Impact of Your Conference Attendance

Whether you attend virtually or in-person, industry events are an important way to keep up with current trends and best practices and learn about the newest martech & salestech products that can help you be more effective. Here’s what to do before, during, and after an event to make the most of your participation.

The Top Use Cases Driving Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Adoption

Most B2B marketers have heard about the benefits of moving to account-based marketing (ABM). So, with apologies for sounding like a prescription drug ad, you may now be asking yourself, “How do I know if ABM is right for me?” We sat down with DealSignal’s CEO to discuss the top 3 ABM use cases.

Don’t Start ABM Without Knowing your Total Addressable Market (TAM)

You need to sell to real people, not accounts on a list. So to create a successful account-based marketing (ABM) strategy, you first need to determine how many people actually fit your target buyer persona. This article highlights a SaaS company that achieved ABM success, starting by measuring their total audience.

Why ABM is Reaching New Heights [infographic]

While inbound marketing isn’t going away, Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is gaining popularity because an increasing number of B2B marketers are finding that it works. If you’re trying to make the argument that your team should try an ABM approach, this infographic of ABM stats will help.

The Road to ABM: Small Steps Not Leaps

A 20-year marketing veteran who has built inbound marketing programs at scale, explains why he recommends that companies dip their toe into account-based marketing (ABM) before jumping right into the deep end.

Making Marketing Data a Performance-Grade, Renewable Resource

Recently, we explained why data is the new oil powering today’s B2B sales and marketing machines. In this post, we’ll discuss why refining that precious resource is so challenging, and why you shouldn’t build your marketing plans and processes around static data.

The Perfect Recipe for a Successful ABM Program

Account-based strategies have been a hot topic for a few years now, but getting it right is still a mix of art and science. An experienced ABM marketer shares the key ingredients you need for ABM success.

Why Data is the New Oil of the Digital Marketing Era—Part I

Today’s revenue teams have access to an exponentially growing landscape of martech and salestech tools. What’s powering all the increasingly complex tech stacks and determining the difference between revenue growth success and failure? Data.