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DealSignal's self-service platform and concierge service enables you to drive higher performing marketing campaigns and maximize conversion rates
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How it Works

Step 1: Start with your existing lead profiles and data

Leverage existing lead profiles and Salesforce data that reveals historical performance of Leads, Contacts, Accounts and Opportunities

Step 2: Augment your data with an extensive array of signals from our virtual database of 10M+ Companies, 100M+ Contacts and 1B+ attributes

Enrich your company and contact data with signals curated from the web and other commercial sources including industry, location, size, web and social attributes, technologies, job openings, job titles, skills, tenure, keywords, groups and much more

Step 3: Apply the most accurate and best fit predictive algorithms to perfect your ideal customer profile and score inbound leads

Develop ideal customer profile and lead scores based on conversion history, sales stages and revenue contribution for a more comprehensive and accurate approach

Step 4: Discover, Enrich, Rank and Prioritize the Best Leads to use in your Marketing Campaigns

Enrich and score your inbound leads in real-time. Use ideal customer profile to build prioritized account lists and run lead discovery jobs that ensure your campaigns contain fresh, accurate leads with the highest email deliverability

Step 5: Seamlessly integrate back to Marketo and Salesforce

Push or pull predictive scores, account and lead lists directly into Marketo and Salesforce to drive your sales and marketing workflows

Step 6: Launch Campaigns, Optimize Lead Conversion and Grow Revenue

With Rocket Fuel for your Account Based Marketing campaigns in your marketing and sales systems, you will achieve the best conversion rates. We will work with you consultatively to continuously hone your lead profiles, lead scores and lead lists to optimize results

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