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Better data drives higher conversion rates.
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With DealSignal, we utilize your ideal customer profile to discover, enrich and deliver leads that convert at higher rates!

Lead Discovery

Maximize lead conversion with fine-grained targeting, relevance scoring and industry-leading email deliverability

Massive Reach

Massive reach across 400M+ contacts multi-sourced from 3rd parties and verified in real-time across the social web means that we can help you drive ABM campaigns and capture new customers across your total available market, or just a narrow slice of targeted decision makers or end-users.

Ranked by Relevance

Struggling to find relevant contacts? Easily search by lead profile or advanced targeting criteria to find the most relevant Leads, ranked by relevance score, typically those which drive the highest conversion rates.

Seamless Integration

Discovering leads is only half the battle! Use them in your marketing and sales workflows with seamless integration to leading platforms – Marketo, Salesforce – with the flexibility and control to import and export CSVs when preferred.

Concierge Service

Fine-tuning your ideal lead discovery targets can be tricky, so DealSignal offers a white glove service that delivers just the data you need to drive more sales.

Lead Enrichment

Engage your leads in real-time with actionable information


More than 12% of contacts in your database become outdated every month! Update rapidly changing contact profiles with the freshest and most accurate information dynamically.

Rich & Actionable

Enrich, update, route, and engage leads with full contact profiles that include work history, location, skills, social profiles, posts, news, and verified contact info.

Seamless Integration

Connect to Salesforce & Marketo, or use CSV files to verify and append lead data using the industry’s best contact and company match rates.

Account Enrichment

Drive ABM campaigns with the highest conversion rates

Smarter Segmentation

Define, refine and prioritize your target account lists using extensive signals at over 10 million companies mined from the web and firmographic data sources.

Better Insights

DealSignal curates more than 1B signals on companies to provide better data and insight into their profiles, social posts, and news and better insight on their profile, social and news.

Rich & Accurate Enrichment

Enrich the Accounts in your database with basic or advanced data append of company profile and social attributes with the industry’s highest match rates.

Seamless Integration

Connect to Salesforce & Marketo, or upload via CSV to append your company data with fresh, rich, accurate company attributes.

Killer App for B2B Sales

The most elegant and automated way to increase field sales productivity

Simple Yet Powerful

Reps simply connect to Salesforce, pick a few companies & people, and their accounts, prospects, leads, meetings and emails come alive with suggested actions and the intelligence to engage.

Proactive Feed Prompts Action

No more excuses! DealSignal pushes the most relevant prospects and leads to users’ feeds on a daily basis with rich dossiers and verified contact info. Taking action has never been so easy.

Rich 360º Market Intelligence

With one tap, reps get rich dossiers on accounts, prospects, leads and meetings with work & social profiles, recent news, past interactions, relevant CRM data and verified contact info.

Take Action, Track Behavior

Engage more effectively with email templates and verified email addresses, plus our email tracking will notify you immediately when someone opens your email.

Effortless CRM Updates

Automagically sync your prospects, leads, contacts, emails, calls and meetings to Salesforce.

Concierge Service

Sometimes Reps need a helping hand! Tap the service bell, and our in-app concierges will provide white glove service to make life easy. Why not?

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