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DealSignal provides fresh, accurate, verified B2B data that helps sales & marketing teams maximize their efficiency, performance and results. Precisely target the right buyers, personalize your outreach, increase email deliverability and drive more conversions.


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“DealSignal provides us the precision targeting criteria we need, with extremely high match rates, outstanding accuracy, and fast turnarounds.”


Mary Anne Berena
Marketing Manager


We help overworked sales and marketing professionals get the most accurate B2B data,
verified on demand, to fuel campaigns and sales outreach.
Outperform pipeline and revenue targets with DealSignal.

Trusted by leading high-growth companies

Fresh, accurate B2B data, at scale

The DealSignal platform provides access to 30M+ global companies and 1B+ contacts with over 100 data points, including detailed account profiles, contact profiles, verified emails, corporate & direct phones, social URLs, and mailing addresses – all with 97%+ accuracy and a 100% data guarantee.

Enable high performance across your revenue teams

Marketing • Demand Gen

  • Drive ABM engagement
  • Deliver actionable leads
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Increase TAM coverage
  • Improve segmentation and
  • Improve data quality
  • Increase email deliverability

Sales • SDR

  • Stop wasting time on research
  • Triple your direct-dial hit rate
  • Get decision-maker lists
  • Build pipeline faster
  • Personalize your outreach
  • Drive more opportunities

Marketing Ops

  • Eliminate data decay
  • Reduce MAP costs & risk
  • Improve ABM targeting/engagement
  • Refresh CRM data, continuously
  • Drive higher conversion rates

How can DealSignal help you drive pipeline today?

Optimize your lead scoring and routing, accelerate sales follow-up, personalize conversations, and maximize conversion rates.

Better sales and marketing performance starts with better data. Refresh, enrich & reverify your data automatically, on a schedule.

Eliminate time wasted on manual data research. Build precise decision-maker lists that enable multi-touch, multichannel campaigns and cadences that deliver higher conversions and build more pipeline faster.

You sell to people, not faceless accounts. Cut your ABM ad spend and increase engagement by building out your ABM list with contacts that meet your precise target persona(s). 

Don’t miss out. Uncover hidden buying teams, prioritize in-market accounts, and personalize your ABM and sales outreach to drive more conversions faster.

DealSignal delivers peace of mind

Created with Lunacy


600M+ global contacts and 20M companies across all industries and sizes, 100+ data points per contact


DealSignal consistently delivers 97%+ accurate emails, phones, and mailing addresses

Created with Lunacy


Pinpoint your ideal customer and buyer persona using granular filters beyond seniority, function, industry & size


100% data guarantee means you only pay for perfect


Seamlessly power your sales and marketing workflows with the highest quality data

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