CRM Data Health™ Check-up

Don't let data decay kill your marketing results. Get a FREE data health analysis.

Data decay is destructive & continuously disruptive

Maintaining complete, accurate CRM data on your target buyers, ABM accounts, and inbound leads is a massive on-going challenge since data decays at a rate of approx. 3% per month — increasing to 8-10% around the start of a new year.

As a result, studies find that up to 50% of CRM data is incomplete, outdated or inaccurate. Without good data, you can’t target, segment or personalize your marketing programs and sales outreach effectively, you might be penalized for high email bounce rates, and your team wastes time on bad leads.

Get on the path to better CRM data quality

A CRM Data Health Check-up is a fast, FREE way to evaluate how much of your data is complete & accurate, so you can find out where you stand and get on the path to improving your data quality.

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What’s included in your Check-up?

With a no-cost CRM Data Health Check-up, you’ll receive a detailed report with helpful charts and graphs that will answer these key questions about your CRM data quality:

  • How outdated is my CRM/audience data (leads, contacts & accounts)?
  • How incomplete is my data and what’s missing (titles, emails, phones, location, correct account name)?
  • How inaccurate is my data?
    • How many leads & contacts have changed companies?
    • How many emails are inaccurate?
    • How many phones and direct-dials are wrong?
  • Can DealSignal help fix my data issues?
    • What are the enrichment match rates for my data?
    • How well can you enrich my data by lead, contact and account field?
    • How fresh & accurate is the enrichment data that could be automatically fed into my CRM? (Hint: fresh within the last 1-2 weeks and verified accurate!)

How does it work & what’s the cost?

A CRM Data Health Check-up uses the same AI-enabled data enrichment and verification engine as DealSignal’s CRM Data Health for Salesforce, a trusted, automated solution for improving data quality and avoiding deadly data decay.

  • No cost. Just a short phone call to discuss your target audience
  • Either connect your Salesforce CRM or use CSVs
  • Quick Health Check takes just a couple of hrs.
  • In-depth Data Quality Diagnostic takes 24-48 hrs. and is limited to 100k records
FREE CRM Data Health Check-up
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Without any CRM data quality initiatives, after one year, your 90% accurate contacts will have decayed to 71% accuracy. After two years, your contacts will have declined to 55% accuracy. That is four out of every nine records being bad after only 24 months!

Michael R. Levy

Principal, GZ Consulting

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