CRM Data Health™ for Salesforce

Refresh, enrich & reverify your data automatically, on a schedule

The ongoing challenge of data decay

Good data is the foundation of good marketing, but CRM data decays at a rate of over 2% each month; contacts constantly change jobs or get promoted, companies move, phone numbers change, etc. Maintaining complete, accurate data on ABM accounts, target buyers and inbound leads is a massive on-going challenge – one that many companies simply ignore because it seems insurmountable. As a result, up to 50% of most CRM data is useless.

No more bad data

With DealSignal CRM Data Health™ for Salesforce, you can achieve near-perfect target audience coverage in your CRM and automatically get the complete, accurate data your marketing & sales teams need to successfully drive revenue.

Automated data refresh, on your schedule

CRM Data Health for Salesforce can help your marketing and sales team continuously refresh, enrich and reverify the leads, contacts and accounts in your Salesforce CRMs with complete, accurate and GDPR-compliant data, on a schedule you set.

Rather than comparing your dirty CRM data against other static data sources that may themselves be outdated, DealSignal CRM Data Health takes a dynamic, on-demand approach to enrichment and verification that uses both AI and human intelligence to ensure near-perfect accuracy.

How can CRM Data Health for Salesforce help you?


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DealSignal CRM Data Health for Salesforce enables B2B marketing and sales teams to:

  • Finally overcome the plague of CRM data decay
  • Easily refresh, enrich and reverify a segment or all of their Salesforce data, on demand
  • Create the solid data foundation required for ABM success
  • Achieve and maintain complete, accurate total audience coverage
  • Gain increased CRM adoption and improve sales and marketing performance

An alternative to replace

With seamless bi-directional integration with, DealSignal CRM Health delivers a reliable alternative for companies looking to replace, which Salesforce announced will be retired in 2020.

How does CRM Data Health for Salesforce work?

CRM Data Health for Salesforce makes it easy to automatically refresh all your data—and keep it refreshed on a schedule.


  1. Start with a no-cost CRM data health audit to evaluate how spotty and outdated your data is. Most companies find their data is up to 50% inaccurate and incomplete!
  2. Connect and map your data using the CRM Data Health wizard. Choose your preferred refresh and enrichment options and launch your initial refresh. You can choose to refresh just a segment of your data, such as just ABM accounts, or all your accounts, contacts and leads.
  3. DealSignal automatically refreshes, enriches and reverifies your data, on demand. Automatically refresh and enrich accounts with intent and detailed firmographics, update and enrich leads and/or contacts with detailed contact profiles, buyer intent, and verified multi-channel contact info, and even flag persona fit. Contact us for a full list of all the fields that can be enriched and refreshed.
  4. Set your automatic refresh schedule. Choose a monthly, quarterly, or custom schedule for DealSignal to automatically refresh, enrich, and reverify your data, on demand. The bi-directional SFDC integration makes it easy.
  5. Rest easy knowing your data is fresh, complete and accurate! Run CRM data filters to easily identify outdated or incomplete records for DealSignal to refresh and enrich, and select new inbound leads to enrich and automatically refresh to avoid deadly data decay. DealSignal can also automatically enrich event lists or other third-party lists on-demand, and set a schedule to keep them refreshed in the future.

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Without any CRM data quality initiatives, after one year, your 90% accurate contacts will have decayed to 71% accuracy. After two years, your contacts will have declined to 55% accuracy. That is four out of every nine records being bad after only 24 months!

Michael R. Levy

Principal, GZ Consulting

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