GDPR Risk Assessment

Find out where you stand—before it's too late!

Avoid GDPR risk and implement GDPR controls by leveraging impeccable location data from DealSignal.

GDPR Compliance is Now Mandatory

Did you get your CRM and marketing automation system data into compliance before the GDPR deadline? If not, you need to act fast!

Do you know where your leads and contacts are located — not their company’s HQ, but where they’re actually based?

If you’re missing contact locations, it will be hard to scrub your lists and ensure compliance. DealSignal can help.

Flag Risky Contacts

DealSignal can perform a large-scale GDPR assessment and help you quickly update your CRM to be compliant with new regulations.

Our platform can verify and append the city, state, and country for all your contacts, along with other contact profile fields, and flag contacts that are in locations of concern, like the European Union (EU) and/or Canada.

Complete & Accurate Location Data

Contacts in your CRM may be missing critical location information, and the data you do have may be inaccurate and out-of-date.

Typical data vendors provide limited coverage, limited match rates, and aren’t always up-to-date. DealSignal is different.

We perform on-demand contact enrichment and verification at the time of request. Customers confirm that we provide the best B2B coverage, the highest match rates (90-100%), and impeccable quality due to our unique combo of AI, APIs, robots, and data researchers.

Built-in GDPR Safeguards

The DealSignal On-demand Contact Data Platform has built-in safeguards that help ensure your on-going compliance with GDPR and/or CASL regulations. You can even set your team’s account to suppress contacts from specific regions of concern, by default, when running contact or account discovery.

Don’t risk your business on bad data.

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