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How Elementum Eliminated Manual Contact Research with DealSignal

Learn how Elementum’s Demand Marketing team increased audience coverage by an avg. of 24x and eliminated manual research using DealSignal, saving the team 10 hrs. per week.

Feeding Account Development with targeted, accurate contacts

Elementum’s Demand Marketing team was searching for the right contacts in their target accounts in order to quickly achieve total audience coverage. It was challenging, because their target buyer can vary greatly from industry to industry.

They tried one large, popular contact data platform, but found that it lacked relevant contacts and much of the contact and account data was out of date. Then they found DealSignal.

DealSignal has helped Elementum’s Demand Marketing & Account Development teams:

  • Eliminate tedious research, saving 10+ hours per week
  • Increase target audience coverage by avg. of 24x
  • Reduce marketing program launch time from 2 weeks to 1 day
  • Zero in on target buyers who fit their unique ICP

Read the case study to learn how DealSignal is helping Elementum increase efficiency and drive revenue!

Read the case study


DealSignal provides fresh, accurate, verified B2B data that helps sales & marketing teams maximize their efficiency and performance and drive more revenue.

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