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How it Works

Step 1: Start with your ideal customer profile (ICP) & target account list

Use DealSignal’s fine-grained persona definition tool to pinpoint your ideal customer profile. With DealSignal you can go far beyond just title, department and seniority to include key skills, technologies, interests, and more. You can also upload your ABM list or simply choose the types of companies you want to target by location, size, revenue, technologies, and much more.

Step 2: DealSignal starts process to discover, match, enrich, refresh your data

On-demand, DealSignal searches across its virtual database of 600+ million contacts, trusted 3rd-party data partners, and the open web to discover the contacts and/or accounts that best match your target persona. It then enriches and refreshes the data so you get the most up-to-date information, guaranteed.

Step 3: Powerful AI data engines perfect your data fit

DealSignal uses powerful algorithms to determine which contact and account data is both the freshest and the best match for your ideal customer persona. Because we believe in full transparency, each contact receives both a relevance score and published “last updated” date so you can be confident that you’ve received the most relevant, accurate results.

Step 4: Final data quality verification—striving for perfection

Our goal is 100% data perfection and we offer a 100% guarantee. To insure quality, each discovery and enrichment job is verified by both the AI engine and real, live human researchers. We’re proud to consistently deliver direct phone numbers with 97%+ accuracy and the highest email deliverability rates in the industry. Still, contact data is dynamic. We encourage customers to report any rogue errors so we can continually improve our algorithms and processes—and we’ll credit your account for it.

Step 5: Refresh your CRM or marketing automation system data

Seamless integration with Salesforce and easy .CSV exports make it simple to upload your fresh contacts, accounts and leads directly into your CRM, marketing automation system, ABM platform, or outbound sales solution to start driving your marketing and sales workflows. And with DealSignal, you can easily refresh your data at any time, on-demand.

Step 6: You're go for launch!

Wait till you see the difference fresh, accurate data makes. By improving the targeting of your demand gen campaigns, ABM programs, and sales outreach, eliminating waste, and more effectively personalizing your content, you’ll see conversion rates skyrocket! Our customers typically report a 2-3x conversion rate increase.

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