Intent-based Leads

Find hidden buyers who are in-market for what you sell

The Holy Grail of Demand Generation

Wouldn’t marketing and sales be a lot easier if you knew who was out there actively looking for your products/services and you were able to reach out to them directly with highly-personalized messages? That’s what DealSignal Intent-based leads are all about.

What are Intent-based Leads?

Through a partnership with Bombora, DealSignal can combine Company Surge data + your target buyer personas and deliver you highly-targeted contacts at accounts signaling purchase intent for your products or services—even if they’re not already on your target account lists!

You’ll see which accounts are actively in-market, which specific topics they’re interested in, plus you’ll get complete, accurate contact data for your target buyers at those accounts, including verified emails and direct-dial phones, so you can reach out and convert their intent into a purchase.

Drive more conversions with the power of intent dataFind in-market leads

  • Identify net-new, surging accounts to add to your target lists
  • Complement your programmatic account-based marketing (ABM) with direct outreach
  • Identify buying teams by seeing which topics are surging in which locations
  • Uncover corporate priorities by seeing which topics are surging at which accounts
  • Zero in on the best targets by refining your results by company size, revenue, industry, or location

How does it work?

It’s easy to get started with Intent-based Leads. Everything happens within the DealSignal On-demand Data Platform:

1. Pick your personas & topics: Define your target buyer personas and choose up to 50 Bombora intent topics. Topics can include both product/service categories and specific product names.

2. Dynamic monitoring & account matching: Your chosen topics are automatically monitored and matched to accounts showing increasing consumption of content related to those topics across the web.

3. Contact discovery & enrichment: The platform then performs on-demand contact discovery and enrichment to deliver complete, verified contact data for people at those accounts who fit your target personas. We also enrich the account firmographics to help your sales team with pre-call planning.

4. Start reaching out to your new leads: Download a .CSV of your Intent-based Leads and add them to your CRM, Marketing or Sales Automation platform or ABM platform. Use your topic list and personas to develop highly-personalized messages.

5. Rinse & repeat! Generate fresh leads on-demand each week and continually reach out to new in-market buyers.

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DealSignal Intent-based Leads help us continually feed valuable new contacts to our sales team so they can build pipeline—potential buyers that we may have otherwise been missing.”

Jeremy Middleton

Sr. Director of Revenue Operations & Digital Marketing, Pramata

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