Transforming Business Development: AirTank’s Journey to Market Leadership with DealSignal

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When Stephen Cuccio joined AirTank as the Vice President of Business Development, he was met with a significant challenge: stagnating growth. That is when Cuccio turned to DealSignal for a transformative solution.


Identifying the Challenge: AirTank’s Stagnant Growth Strategy

Upon joining AirTank, Stephen Cuccio, the Vice President of Business Development, faced a significant challenge. The company, known for innovative solutions, was struggling with growth stagnation due to a lack of structured systems in prospecting, marketing, and outreach. Their over-reliance on referrals and client upselling limited market expansion and diversification. This is their story about the journey to market leadership led by DealSignal.

When Stephen Cuccio joined AirTank as the Vice President of Business Development, he was faced with a critical challenge. The company, while established, was experiencing stagnation in its growth trajectory. AirTank prides itself on delivering innovative solutions, but its outdated approach to business development does not reflect this innovative spirit.

The primary issue was the lack of a structured system for prospecting, marketing, and outreach. AirTank’s business growth heavily relied on referrals and upselling to existing clients. This approach limited their potential for expansion and diversification of their client base. The absence of a proactive outreach strategy meant that AirTank was not capitalizing on the broader market opportunities available in their sector.

The need for a dynamic and effective approach to prospecting and marketing was evident, and this is where DealSignal came into the picture. Our prospecting and marketing solutions were exactly what AirTank needed to transform its business development strategy.


Revolutionizing Outreach: AirTank’s Adoption of DealSignal

The turning point for AirTank’s business development strategy came with the integration of DealSignal, a comprehensive prospecting and marketing solution. This strategic move marked a significant shift from their previous reliance on referrals and client upselling. The impact of DealSignal on AirTank’s operations was immediate and profound, offering a more efficient and effective approach to their business development efforts.

Enhanced Outreach Efficiency: AirTank experienced a remarkable increase in its outbound activity, which translated into a broader and more dynamic market engagement. The use of DealSignal enabled them to target their efforts more effectively, ensuring better use of resources and time.

Improved Contact Quality: The quality of contacts obtained through DealSignal was a game-changer for AirTank. They were not just reaching more people but were connecting with the right individuals who were more likely to be interested in their services.

Intent Data Utilization: By utilizing intent data, AirTank could tailor their outreach strategies more effectively. They were now able to follow up on potential leads with greater precision, ensuring that no opportunity was missed. If initial email outreach did not yield results, DealSignal’s data allowed AirTank to find alternative contact methods, such as LinkedIn profiles, thereby increasing their chances of successful engagement.

Diverse Contact Methods: The solution offered a wide array of contact points, from emails to phone calls, enabling AirTank to approach prospects in various ways. This flexibility was crucial in enhancing the likelihood of successful interactions.

Accuracy and Integration: One of the most significant benefits was the accuracy of the target accounts and LinkedIn URLs provided by DealSignal. This precision ensured that AirTank’s efforts were well-directed and effective. Moreover, the ease of integration with HubSpot streamlined their processes, enabling seamless management of their outreach campaigns.

The adoption of DealSignal by AirTank represented a fundamental shift in their business development approach. This solution not only enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of their outreach efforts but also ensured that they were engaging with high-quality, relevant contacts, thereby setting the stage for significant growth and market expansion.


Measurable Success: AirTank’s Remarkable Outcomes with DealSignal

The implementation of DealSignal at AirTank has led to significant, measurable successes across various sectors, reinforcing the effectiveness of this strategic tool in enhancing business development and outreach.

Diverse Sector Impact: AirTank has successfully executed campaigns in key industries such as financial services, venture capital, private equity, healthcare, and medtech. This diversity in successful applications demonstrates the adaptability and effectiveness of DealSignal in various market segments.
Impressive ROI and Enrollment Numbers: The Return on Investment (ROI) metrics have been particularly striking. AirTank reported a massive ROI boost, with enrollment figures reaching close to 8,000 across different categories including software offerings, and healthcare and medtech outreach. The email campaign statistics speak for themselves: an open rate of approximately 31%, a click rate of 3%, and a consistent bounce rate of only 8% encompassing both hard and soft bounces.

Market Leadership led by DealSignal

Financial Gains and Business Growth: AirTank is witnessing substantial financial gains, with pending business suggesting an impending 200% increase in ROI. In terms of actual revenue generated versus cost, they have already surpassed a 100% increase. This substantial growth is a testament to the effectiveness of their revised outreach strategy facilitated by DealSignal.

Establishing Key Partnerships: One of the standout achievements for AirTank has been the establishment of signed contracts with seven private equity and venture capitalist firms. These contracts, a direct result of engagements initiated through DealSignal, are projected to yield six-figure annual revenues for AirTank. Furthermore, all seven private equity firms have committed to retaining AirTank as their agency, conditional upon acquiring customers within their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).

Comparative Advantage and Customer Satisfaction: When compared to previous services like ZoomInfo, AirTank found DealSignal to offer infinitely better data at a fraction of the cost, highlighting the value-for-money aspect of the tool. Additionally, the level of communication and support from DealSignal’s team was a significant factor in enhancing customer satisfaction. Stephen Cuccio, in particular, expressed his appreciation for the partnership-like relationship with DealSignal, valuing the industry knowledge and the opportunity for collaborative idea exchange. This relationship, he noted, went beyond a typical customer service experience, adding substantial value to the product.

“It’s more of a partnership, as opposed to just, I’m another customer, another number.” – Stephen Cuccio, VP of Business Development at AirTank”.

In conclusion, AirTank’s experience with DealSignal has not only resulted in quantifiable success in terms of ROI and business growth but has also established a paradigm for effective, value-driven partnerships in business development. The case of AirTank stands as a compelling testament to the transformative potential of leveraging the right tools and strategies in an ever-evolving business landscape.


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