Sales Leads at Your Fingertips

Deliver fresh leads and account info to your sales reps.

DealSignal provides the most powerful, automated and elegant way to build pipeline on-the-go with a real-time lead feed, leads list, and suggested actions.

Simple Yet Powerful

Reps simply connect to Salesforce, pick a few companies & people, and their accounts, prospects, leads, meetings and emails come alive with suggested actions and the intelligence to engage.

Proactive Feed Prompts Action

No more excuses! DealSignal pushes the most relevant prospects and accounts to users’ feeds on a daily basis with rich dossiers and verified contact info. Taking action has never been so easy.

Rich 360º Market Intelligence

With one tap, reps get rich dossiers on accounts, prospects, leads and meetings with work & social profiles, recent news, past interactions, relevant CRM data, and verified contact info.

Take Action, Track Behavior

Engage more effectively with email templates and verified email addresses, and our email tracking will notify you immediately when someone opens your email.

Effortless CRM Updates

Automagically sync your prospects, leads, contacts, emails, calls and meetings to Salesforce.

Concierge Service

Keep reps focused on selling. Just tap the service bell and our in-app concierges will provide white glove service for your data requests to make life easy.

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