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DealSignal Wins MarTech Breakthrough Award

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DealSignal was named Best Contact Data Platform in the first-annual MarTech Breakthrough Awards. This inaugural award showcases marketing technologies and companies that have both succeeded in pushing ingenuity and exemplifying the best in martech solutions across the globe.

We’re thrilled to announce that DealSignal has been named Best Contact Data Platform in the 2018 MarTech Breakthough Awards!

The inaugural awards program was created by MarTech Breakthrough, an independent organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies, and products in the global marketing technology industry. In their awards announcement, MarTech Breakthrough noted that the winning selections showcase marketing technologies and companies that have succeeded in both pushing ingenuity and exemplifying the best in MarTech solutions across the globe. The program attracted more than 2,000 nominations from 12 countries around the world.

Managing Director of MarTech Breakthrough, James Johnson, said: “Marketing, ad and sales professionals are turning to technology to enhance the customer journey and increase their campaign effectiveness, from initial prospect interaction all the way through the customer experience. The MarTech industry serving these marketing professionals is now hyper-competitive and our goal with the MarTech Breakthrough Awards program is to highlight the stand-out solutions and companies. We have a fantastic winners circle for our inaugural  program.”

The MarTech Breakthrough Awards program honors the marketing, sales, and ad technology innovators, leaders, and visionaries from around the world in a range of categories, including marketing automation, customer experience, and relationship management, AdTech, SalesTech, marketing analytics, content, and social marketing, mobile marketing, and many more. DealSignal has been recognized in the Data and Marketing Intelligence Tools category.

Winning products and companies were selected based on a variety of criteria, including the most innovative and technologically advanced products and services, with the ultimate goal of recognizing the “Break Through” MarTech solutions and companies.


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DealSignal provides fresh, accurate, verified B2B data that helps sales & marketing teams maximize their efficiency and performance and drive more revenue.

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