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Smarter demand gen starts with knowing your total audience.


There’s a reason Sirius Decisions’ latest Waterfall starts with measuring target demand. With a free TAM analysis from DealSignal you can:

  • Pinpoint coverage gaps in your CRM or marketing automation system
  • Accurately scope your ABM & outbound plans and costs
  • Improve your account penetration by identifying new buyers that fit your ICP
  • Align Marketing & Sales around common targets

Most contact data platforms only estimate TAM based on the limited, static data within their systems, but DealSignal provides on-demand access to 10+ million accounts and 500+ million contacts, for nearly unlimited reach and accurate results – for any target persona, in any B2B industry.


“We were surprised to find that our current CRM and marketing automation system only covered about 5-10% of our total audience. DealSignal not only quickly measured our TAM, but delivered us complete, accurate contacts for our entire market, within days.”

- Marketing Manager, Bugwolf

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