Intent-based Inbound Lead Enrichment

The data you need to prioritize, engage & convert in-market buyers

The lead enrichment conundrum

Short web forms are great, but they don’t provide the level of detail you need to accurately segment, score, route, and prioritize your leads or engage potential buyers in a personalized way.

Of course, you could have your SDRs or marketing ops team spend their time on manual research and error-prone data entry to get all the facts about a lead, but then your lead goes cold and you still don’t know if the account is in-market, if the lead  is part of a larger buying committee that’s forming, or just a tire-kicker who was curious about some of your gated content.

1+1=3 for inbound lead conversions

DealSignal can automatically enrich your inbound leads with Bombora Company Surge® data, plus detailed, accurate contact data and account firmographics, sync them to your CRM, and continually refresh them on a schedule you set, to ensure data quality and improve CRM health.

You’ll see which accounts are actively in-market, which specific topics they’re interested in, and where that intent surge is happening. Plus you’ll have verified emails, direct-dial phones, and social profiles so your teams can effectively engage potential buyers and convert their intent into a purchase — all without manual research.

Use intent insights to personalize your lead engagement


Intent-based automated lead enrichment

DealSignal Intent-based Lead Enrichment enables B2B marketing and sales teams to:

  • Quickly and accurately segment, score, and route inbound leads
  • Determine whether leads fit your target personas and ideal customer profile (ICP)
  • Personalize outreach and lead nurturing to increase conversions
  • Gain insight into buyers’ topics of interest and uncover competitive situations
  • Eliminate time-wasting manual research and data entry drudgery
  • Dynamically refresh leads on a schedule to promote CRM health

Automated lead enrichment, refreshed on your schedule

Sure, Intent-based Inbound Lead Enrichment is a bit of a mouthful, but the DealSignal platform makes it easy.

1. Set your CRM sync options: Easily map your Salesforce or HubSpot CRM data fields and set your preferred lead sync and refresh schedules.

2. Set criteria that you’d like to flag and append to leads: Select the types of multi-channel contact information, persona and account criteria, and target intent topics that you’d like to flag and append to every lead. With a few easy steps in the CRM lead automation wizard, you’ll soon know a lead’s fit to your ICP and relevance score, whether the lead’s company is in-market, and have in-depth contact enrichment with near perfect multi-channel contact info.

3. Automated enrichment: When new inbound leads arrive in your CRM each hour, day and week, DealSignal automatically enriches them with AI- and human-verified contact and account data, appends them with your chosen intent topics that are surging across that account, and syncs your fully-enriched leads back to your CRM.

4. Rinse & repeat for data health: The DealSignal platform automatically re-enriches and re-verifies your leads on the schedule you set and syncs them back to your CRM. This ensures on-going data quality and helps you time your outreach to when intent is surging.

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Intent-based Inbound Lead Enrichment takes skinny inbound leads and enriches them with accurate, actionable insights and contact details. This helps Marketing determine which leads should be nurtured and which should be immediately routed to Sales. Reps can then focus on in-market prospects, improving their odds of exceeding quota.”

Michael R. Levy

Principal, GZ Consulting

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