Smart Marketers Know Their Total Audience Metrics (TAM)

Get to know your total available audience by the numbers…and by name.

You can’t do demand gen effectively without identifying target demand

Successful demand gen, especially account-based marketing (ABM), starts with choosing the right targets and knowing the total audience metrics (TAM) for your target personas and ideal customer profile (ICP). That’s why Sirius Decisions’ Demand Unit Waterfall starts with identifying Target Demand.

After running thousands of contact discovery jobs for B2B marketers across many industries, we’ve consistently found that most companies cover only 10-20% of their total available audience in their CRM and marketing automation systems. What’s worse, since contact data decays rapidly, the info they do have is typically up to 50% out of date.

Most companies are missing 80% of their total audience

Using your detailed customer personas and account lists, DealSignal can deliver a personalized TAM report that shows you the size and scope of your total audience. Then, if you want all the related contact details for that audience, or just a segment, we can deliver that too with DealSignal Contact Discovery. 100% fresh and accurate net-new contacts. 100% guaranteed.


A DealSignal TAM analysis will help you:

  • Identify any data gaps in your CRM or marketing automation system
  • Accurately scope your outbound or ABM program plans and costs
  • Improve your account penetration by identifying new contacts that fit your ICP
  • Align your Marketing & Sales teams around common targets

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“We were surprised to find that our current CRM and marketing automation system only covered about 5-10% of our total addressable market. DealSignal not only quickly measured our TAM, but delivered us complete, accurate contacts for our entire market, within days.”

Marketing Manager

SaaS software testing company

What sets DealSignal’s TAM analysis apart and makes it more actionable?

Total audience measurement

Bottom up, not top down

TAM is typically calculated from the top down…how many companies of a certain size and type exist, how many people with a particular title type are typically employed by companies that size, and how many widgets that you offer do they typically buy, etc.

DealSignal TAM analysis is calculated from the bottom up starting with your fine-grained personas and target account/ABM lists to help you understand exactly how many actual people could potentially buy your product or service.

accurate TAM analysis

Greater accuracy

Most TAM analyses are just rough estimates constrained by the data in a vendor’s limited, often stale database.

DealSignal provides the first on-demand platform for contact discovery and total audience measurement with unlimited reach across several vetted third-party data providers + the social web, verified by both AI and human researchers, so you get the most complete, accurate info available at that moment.

Audience contact data

Names, not just numbers

Knowing the size of your TAM is key for budgeting your ABM and outbound marketing efforts. Knowing who they are and how to reach them is what brings in revenue.

DealSignal’s integrated platform makes contact discovery and enrichment seamless so you can quickly fill any gaps in your marketing automation system or CRM and start reaching out to your best potential buyers.

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