Intent Data: How to Generate Quality Sales and Marketing Leads

B2B Intent Data

Research shows that the average B2B buyer spends 67 percent of the buyer journey digitally—the challenge you’re faced with is finding these buyers before they choose an alternative solution. You can address this challenge head-on with the help of intent data. Here’s why.

Demand Generation Trends for 2024

12 Powerful Demand Generation Trends to Watch Out in 2024

It’s likely to be another challenging year for Demand Generation professionals, so need to plan for the year and more importantly plan to pivot in the middle of the year. Nothing is set in stone anymore and there is no one-size-fits-all playbook, so do your best to understand your buyers and get out there and…

7 Ultimate Success Factors of B2B Demand Generation

B2B Demand Generation

As you begin to develop a B2B demand generation strategy or launch new demand gen programs, it’s critical to begin by building up from a strong foundation. After launching demand generation programs that generated over $1 billion in revenue, I’ve developed a repeatable framework of seven critical success factors.