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DealSignal Introduces CRM Data Health™ for Salesforce

DealSignal CRM Data Health™ for Salesforce provides on-demand, scheduled and automated CRM data refresh and enrichment so B2B marketing & sales teams always have the complete, fresh and accurate lead, contact and account data they need to run effective programs and drive revenue.

SAN FRANCISCO (Aug. 28, 2019) – DealSignal, the leading on-demand B2B marketing data provider, today announced a new CRM Data Health™ module designed to help marketing and sales teams continuously refresh, enrich and reverify the leads, contacts and accounts in their Salesforce CRM with complete, accurate and GDPR-compliant data. Rather than comparing dirty CRM data against other static data sources that may themselves be outdated, DealSignal CRM Data Health takes a dynamic, on-demand enrichment and verification approach that uses both AI and human intelligence to ensure near-perfect accuracy. DealSignal CRM Data Health delivers a reliable alternative for companies looking to replace, which Salesforce announced will be retired in 2020.

“Bad CRM data is a pervasive issue that has a negative ripple effect on B2B marketing and sales performance: from inaccurate ABM targeting, to bounced emails that can damage sender reputation, to outdated or irrelevant contacts that clog marketing automation systems at a great cost,” said DealSignal founder & CEO, Rob Weedn. “Industry studies find that up to 50 percent of CRM data is incomplete, out-of-date, or inaccurate. Compounding the issue, data decays at a rate of over two percent per month, so maintaining data health is a constant challenge that requires an on-going solution—much like you can’t get in shape by going to the gym once,” Weedn continued. “We’ve introduced DealSignal CRM Data Health to help Salesforce customers continuously maintain rich, accurate and verified target audience data, and keep it fresh on a regular schedule.”

DealSignal CRM Data Health for Salesforce enables B2B marketing and sales teams to:

  • Finally overcome the plague of CRM data decay
  • Easily refresh, enrich and reverify a segment or all of their Salesforce data, on demand
  • Create the solid data foundation required for ABM success
  • Achieve and maintain complete, accurate total audience coverage
  • Gain increased CRM adoption and improve sales and marketing performance

DealSignal CRM Data Health eliminates data drudgery, providing an automated way to refresh, enrich, and reverify leads, contacts and accounts in Salesforce. Customers can start with a no-cost audit to evaluate their current CRM health and identify any gaps. They can then set up CRM data refresh to update and enrich their target accounts with intent and detailed firmographics, and update and enrich leads or contacts with detailed contact profiles, buyer intent, and verified contact info, and then set a schedule to keep the data refreshed automatically. Customers can also choose to automatically enrich inbound leads, event lists, or other third-party lists, on-demand, and set a schedule to keep them refreshed in the future.

About DealSignal

DealSignal helps B2B demand generation and sales teams increase conversions from account-based marketing (ABM) and sales outreach by providing 100 percent guaranteed fresh and accurate contact and account data, on demand. It’s your total audience, perfected. Using your fine-grained personas and ideal customer profile, the DealSignal On-Demand Contact Data Platform can provide a TAM analysis, as well as contact discovery, enrichment and verification, so your team will have all the data needed to effectively personalize their outreach. To learn more visit and follow @DealSignal on Twitter.

Press Contact:

Betsy Graham

Note: All company and product tradenames contained herein are the property of their respective owners. CRM Data Health is a trademark of DealSignal, Inc. Salesforce is a registered trademark of, inc.

Automatically refresh your Salesforce CRM data & keep it healthy


DealSignal provides fresh, accurate, verified B2B data that helps sales & marketing teams maximize their efficiency and performance and drive more revenue.

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