Why High-Growth Companies Choose DealSignal over ZoomInfo

Get deeper insights on your target audience. Find your ideal buyers. Drive pipeline faster and more effectively. When it comes to reaching your performance goals, DealSignal outperforms ZoomInfo every time.


All records are verified within the last 1 to 30 days and stamped with a freshness date

Verified Data


Each field (100+ per record) is updated and verified, including emails & direct phones



Every data point is 100% guaranteed by our no-hassle credit back policy

Compare DealSignal vs. ZoomInfo


Accurate, verified data

Expansive coverage across every market & region

Fine-grained filtering to pinpoint target contacts

Great customer success and support

Flexible subscriptions & entry-level pricing


Outdated, untrustworthy data

Fixed database focused on the US

Generic title/seniority search

Focus on extracting revenue from customers

Costly, auto-renewed contracts

Best Data

Better coverage, flexible contracts

Beyond the big brand name, ZoomInfo offers limited data, inconsistent quality and rigid contracts. You don’t need to waste your time with outdated, inaccurate data captured from fixed sources – and you certainly don’t need to be stuck in an expensive contract when they fail to deliver on their promise.

Better quality, by design

DealSignal was created to overcome the limitations of sub-par data providers like ZoomInfo. Our approach to dynamically aggregating and AI-verifying data when you request it ensures that you’ll get the most comprehensive coverage, highest accuracy, and best contact info across all your target markets and buyers.

Build Lists

Focused on your needs & success

We’ve designed everything with our customers’ needs in mind, from our proactive, thoughtful customer support, to our entry-level pricing and flexible subscription options – and DealSignal will never scrape your email contacts or surprise you with a costly auto-renewal.

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