5 Winning Marketing Plays to Execute Before the Clock Runs Out

Heads up! Given B2B sales cycles, the clock is quickly running out for marketers to make an impact on this year’s revenue. Here are 5 winning marketing plays you can run now to achieve your goals and finish the year strong.

If you played just about any sport growing up, you know how important it is to make a big push at the end to win the game…in track, we pour on the juice in the last 10 meters of a 100 meter sprint, push ourselves with every muscle, and lean into the tape at the finish line. In basketball, we might switch defensive schemes to a full court press, and in football, we run the 2-minute offense with no huddle.

It’s no different when it comes to achieving a revenue goal.

Only 4 weeks remain. It’s go time.

We all have to hustle to maximize buyer interest and conversions in Q3 and Q4 to drive results so we can not only hit, but exceed our quarterly and annual numbers.

Everyone goes on vacation in July and August, and is then busy getting kids back in school…now buyers should be locked in and focused—but only for a few weeks. Given average B2B sales cycles, there are basically four weeks left for marketers to make an impact this year, because after November 20th, the game may be over as people get into holiday mode.

If, like most B2B marketers, you’re measured on leads (MQL/SQL), pipeline (opportunity conversion), and contribution to revenue, time is running out to hit your numbers, both for Q4 and the year.

The eye in the sky doesn’t lie

When the year ends, no matter what’s on the scoreboard, everyone is going to watch the playback (coaches call this the “eye in the sky”) and measure marketing’s contribution to the numbers. Your bonus, your 2020 budget, or even your job may depend on it.

So, heading into the last week of Q3 and start of Q4, marketers must ask themselves: Am I really doing everything I can to engage potential customers, help move deals through the pipeline, and have a positive impact on revenue?

The actions you take in these next four weeks will determine whether you deliver the necessary results to help the company achieve its next milestone, to ace your annual review and avoid any fingerpointing from the sales team over missed goals, and also set yourself up for success in 2020 by contributing to a strong pipeline for next year.

So what should you do?

5 Marketing plays to put more points on the board quickly & effectively

Here are five winning plays that will help you generate leads and drive more MQLs/SQLs in less than 2-4 weeks, contribute to sales pipeline in 1-2 months, and have a positive impact on revenue (depending on your sales cycle) in 3-6 months—all within the horizon of 2019.

1. Identify in-market accounts showing intent in your ABM account list and run a campaign targeted at your target personas, with a Q4 imperative.

2. Run a highly-personalized email marketing campaign targeted at ideal buyer personas in under-engaged and under-penetrated ABM accounts.

3. Work with Sales to run a targeted sales automation/engagement campaign at ideal buyer personas that convert faster in ABM Accounts, which sales agrees to diligently follow-up with by email, social outreach, and phone.

4. Enrich inbound leads and drive tighter lead follow-up SLAs: provides more personalization data points and insight so Sales can truly convert better, faster.

5. Run pre-event campaigns to drive more leads & ROI from your fall tradeshows.

And one bonus play to maximize impact: Run custom audience remarketing for ideal buyer personas in target accounts via search and social, either standalone or in parallel with the top five plays above.

Is your team prepared to run these winning plays?

Executing multi-channel, personalized campaigns like these at scale requires complete, accurate contact and account data for all the target buyers in your CRM and marketing automation system. Fortunately, there are solutions that can quickly analyze your CRM data health to identify gaps as well as inaccurate, obsolete data, and then perform on-demand data enrichment and  contact discovery for ideal buyers in your ABM/target accounts to fill those gaps, so you’ll be ready to run these plays in hours.

Win the MVP award from Sales at their kick-off in January

Now is the time to make an impact on Q4 and work closely with Sales to reach your company’s annual revenue goal. It’s the perfect time to take a good hard look at your CRM and marketing automation system and evaluate whether you have the complete, accurate data you need to run the kinds of marketing and sales plays that can carry you across the finish line.


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