Digital Marketing Channels with the Best ROI

In the wake of dramatic budget and staffing cuts, B2B marketing and sales teams are under increasing pressure to prove their value. This article will help you sort out which digital marketing channels can help you achieve your awareness, pipeline, and revenue goals and deliver the best ROI.

Helping Resilient Revenue Teams During the COVID-19 Crisis

To help our fellow sales & marketing colleagues prioritize and focus their outreach to deliver pipeline, while conserving their restricted resources, we’re providing free services to companies working directly on solving the COVID-19 crisis, and offering others free lists of financially healthy companies or ABM account enrichment with full financial health metrics.

DealSignal Introduces CRM Data Health™ for Salesforce

DealSignal CRM Data Health™ for Salesforce provides on-demand, scheduled and automated CRM data refresh and enrichment so B2B marketing & sales teams always have the complete, fresh and accurate lead, contact and account data they need to run effective programs and drive revenue.

DealSignal Introduces Intent-based Inbound Lead Enrichment

DealSignal can now automatically enrich inbound leads, append them with intent data, accurate contact data, and account firmographics, and sync them to your CRM on a schedule. This helps marketing & sales prioritize in-market buyers and personalize their lead engagement to drive more conversions.

DealSignal & Bombora Partner to Deliver B2B Leads Showing Purchase Intent

Through a new partnership and product integration, DealSignal can now deliver Intent-based Leads, which help marketers find hidden in-market buyers. The leads include complete contact and account details so that marketing and sales teams can reach out to ideal buyers directly and drive more conversions.

A Q&A on the Future of Data-Driven Marketing

MarTech Advisor and DealSignal CEO Rob Weedn discuss common pain points of B2B demand gen, the ripple effect of bad data, and how to drive better business decisions with data.

Deep Dive Into Data

On episode 20 of Confessions of a Marketer, host Mark Reed-Edwards took a deep dive into marketing data with DealSignal’s founder, Rob Weedn.

The Secret Sauce of ABM Success

Whether you’re off and running with Account-Based Marketing (ABM) or not quite sure where to start, the three B2B marketing & sales experts on this webinar will provide you with actionable steps you can take to make your ABM efforts more effective—watch to learn the secret sauce for ABM success!

Good Data Helps Marketing & Sales Feel the Love

It’s the old story: Sales accuses Marketing of sending them “bad” leads, or not generating enough good ones. Marketing accuses Sales of not following up on leads they’ve generated, or not following up quickly enough. What can bring Marketing and Sales together so they can work more effectively as a revenue generating team? Good data.

The 6 Building Blocks for a Solid ABM Foundation

A majority of marketers say that ABM delivers higher returns than any other marketing approach. But ABM success depends upon careful planning and execution, starting with putting these six foundational building blocks in place.

The Top 3 Use Cases Driving Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Adoption

Most B2B marketers have heard about the benefits of moving to account-based marketing (ABM). So, with apologies for sounding like a prescription drug ad, you may now be asking yourself, “How do I know if ABM is right for me?” We sat down with DealSignal’s CEO to discuss the top 3 ABM use cases.

Why ABM is Reaching New Heights [infographic]

While inbound marketing isn’t going away, Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is gaining popularity because an increasing number of B2B marketers are finding that it works. If you’re trying to make the argument that your team should try an ABM approach, this infographic of ABM stats will help.