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Intent-based Inbound Lead Enrichment by DealSignal

DealSignal can now automatically enrich inbound leads, append them with intent data, accurate contact data, and account firmographics, and sync them to your CRM on a schedule. This helps marketing & sales prioritize in-market buyers and personalize their lead engagement to drive more conversions.

New module helps B2B Marketing & Sales teams drive higher conversion rates by prioritizing in-market buyers and engaging them in a highly personalized way

SAN FRANCISCO (June 26, 2019) – DealSignal, the leading on-demand B2B marketing data provider, today released a new module to help marketing and sales teams automatically enrich their inbound leads with verified contact, account, and third-party intent data, and refresh them on a scheduled basis, to ensure that data quality is maintained. Intent-based Inbound Lead Enrichment delivers the rich data and insights teams need to quickly and accurately segment, score, route, and prioritize inbound leads and deeply personalize their engagement with interested buyers—without wasting time on manual research.

“Enriching your inbound leads with verified contact and account data helps identify potential buyers and provides your revenue teams with accurate emails, direct-dials, and social profiles for cross-channel engagement. Enriching them with third-party intent data helps you know when and why prospects might be interested, and where the purchase intent is surging across the account. DealSignal Intent-based Inbound Lead Enrichment combines who, why, when, and where, and fully automates the process, so marketing can deliver truly actionable leads to sales and reps can then engage them with highly personalized, timely outreach. It’s one plus one equals three for driving conversions from inbound,” said DealSignal Founder & CEO, Rob Weedn.

DealSignal Intent-based Lead Enrichment enables B2B marketing and sales teams to:

  • Quickly and accurately segment, score, route, and prioritize inbound leads
  • Determine whether leads fit your target personas and ideal customer profile (ICP)
  • Personalize outreach and lead nurturing to increase conversions
  • Gain insight into buyers’ topics of interest and uncover competitive situations
  • Eliminate time-wasting manual research and data entry drudgery
  • Dynamically refresh leads on a schedule to promote CRM health

Customers use the DealSignal platform wizard to easily map their Salesforce or HubSpot CRM data fields and set their preferred sync and refresh schedules. When new inbound leads arrive, the DealSignal platform automatically enriches them with AI- and human-verified contact and account data, appends them with matching intent topics and scores, and syncs the fully-enriched leads back to the CRM.

“DealSignal’s new Intent-based Inbound Lead Enrichment service is the first B2B Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform to combine human-verified contacts and firmographics with third-party Bombora intent,” said Michael R. Levy, Principal of GZ Consulting. “The platform takes skinny inbound leads and enriches them with accurate, actionable insights and contact details, helping determine which leads should be immediately routed to sales and which should be retained. Reps can then prioritize prospects that are currently in-market for products or services like theirs and craft highly personalized messaging, thereby improving their odds of exceeding quota.”

“We’re always excited when our partners develop innovative new ways of using intent data to help marketing and sales teams drive revenue,” said Charles Crnoevich, Head of Partnerships at Bombora. “By extending lead enrichment automation to include Bombora’s Company Surge data, DealSignal will provide revenue teams valuable insight into whether a buying committee is forming or one curious person just happened to download some content. That added insight will help marketing and sales teams work together more effectively to drive the most value from their inbound leads.”

About DealSignal
DealSignal helps B2B demand generation and sales teams increase conversions from account-based marketing (ABM) and sales outreach by providing 100 percent guaranteed fresh and accurate contact and account data, on demand. It’s your total audience, perfected. Using your fine-grained personas and ideal customer profile, the DealSignal On-Demand Contact Data Platform can provide a TAM analysis, as well as contact discovery, enrichment and verification, so your team will have all the data needed to effectively personalize their outreach. To learn more visit and follow @DealSignal on Twitter.

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