Shortfalls of Using ABM Platforms for Programmatic Advertising

Shortfalls of Using ABM Platforms for Programmatic Advertising

Last year, we saw a 15% increase of marketers using ABM. As marketing teams dedicate more budget and resources to ABM efforts, many are drawn towards ABM platforms that tout convenience, quick launch times, and incredible ad impressions. However, there’s a big problem that’s often hidden beneath the allure: programmatic ad fraud. Global losses to…

How Data Accuracy Impacts Sales and Marketing Performance and Costs

B2B Contact Data

Whether you’re in sales or marketing, the last thing you think of when launching a new campaign is how accurate all the emails and phone numbers in your CRM are. After all, it’s the hours of creative workshopping and strategic thinking that are the heavy lift. But what good is spending hours on ad campaigns, email messaging, and other marketing/sales enablement assets when they’re not being delivered to the right people?

Tips for Filling Sales Pipeline When Missing Quality Leads

How To Fill Your Sales Pipeline When Marketing Isn't Delivering Enough Quality Leads

Whether it’s due to a lack of prioritization, budget shortfall, or a lack of expertise, sometimes sales teams just don’t get the lead generation support they need from marketing. Ideally, you can collaborate with marketing to fill the gaps. When that’s not possible, sales has to step up and fill them.

How Great B2B Data Helps Sales & Marketing Performance and Revenue

Are you feeling the pressure to prove your worth to your organization? Has the shift to remote work exposed the fractures in your processes? Or, are you challenged to do more with less due to budget and resource constraints? High-quality contact data can be used to address all of those challenges, and more.

B2B Data: Using Quality Data for Better Sales & Marketing Performance

B2B Data

When 2020 began, we had no idea what the year had in store. B2B marketing budgets are tighter, teams are smaller, and resources will be constrained for the foreseeable future. Yet your leadership’s expectations likely haven’t changed. Learn why data is your secret weapon for seizing control and reaching your goals, despite the hurdles caused by the pandemic.

Why Spring Cleaning is Important for your Martech Stack

It's important to clean out your Martech Stack if it doesn't fit your marketing strategy

Martech tools can pile up like old junk in the garage. This article explains why it’s important to periodically evaluate whether your martech stack still fits your marketing strategy—and it details how simplifying their stack from 22 to 7 tools helped Pramata drive better results.

Good Data Helps Marketing & Sales Feel the Love

It’s the old story: Sales accuses Marketing of sending them “bad” leads, or not generating enough good ones. Marketing accuses Sales of not following up on leads they’ve generated, or not following up quickly enough. What can bring Marketing and Sales together so they can work more effectively as a revenue generating team? Good data.

How to Maximize the Impact of Your Conference Attendance

Whether you attend virtually or in-person, industry events are an important way to keep up with current trends and best practices and learn about the newest martech & salestech products that can help you be more effective. Here’s what to do before, during, and after an event to make the most of your participation.