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In this blog, we’re putting two big names head-to-head: DealSignal and Clearbit. Whether you’re a small business owner, a marketing leader, or simply exploring data solutions, this article is tailored for you. We dissect each platform across various dimensions – from data quality, coverage, and integration capabilities to customer support, compliance, and pricing. We aim to give you a crystal-clear picture, cutting through the clutter to reveal the finer details. By the end, you’ll see why DealSignal could be the game-changer you’ve been searching for. Let’s dive in and find out if it’s really the better pick.

DealSignal Overview

DealSignal stands out as a dynamic tool that transforms how businesses connect with their target audience. Boasting an impressive database of over a billion companies and individuals globally, DealSignal offers an array of detailed insights. At the heart of its operation are innovative data verification methods, ongoing data cleansing, and AI-powered matching algorithms. This combination ensures that the data you receive is not just vast, but also incredibly precise and reliable. In essence, DealSignal equips businesses with top-tier, accurate information that is crucial for successful outreach.

The standout feature of DealSignal is its unwavering commitment to data quality. In today’s fast-paced business world, having precise and up-to-date information is non-negotiable. To meet this need, DealSignal has developed a rigorous data verification process. This process leverages AI, machine learning, and a blend of automated and human-driven checks to authenticate data just before it reaches you. This intricate system reduces the need for clients to perform their own data verification, saving valuable time and resources.

To sum up:

  • Dynamic Tool: Revolutionizes business-client connections with a global database of over a billion companies and individuals.
  • Data Insights: Provides comprehensive and detailed insights for effective business outreach.
  • Advanced Technology: Utilizes innovative data verification methods, ongoing data cleansing, and AI-powered matching algorithms for precise and reliable data.
  • Commitment to Data Quality: Features a rigorous data verification process combining AI, machine learning, and automated and human checks.
  • Time-Saving: Reduces client workload in data verification, enhancing efficiency.

DealSignal’s combination of cutting-edge technology, meticulous data validation practices, and unique features positions it as an ideal choice for businesses looking to enhance their lead generation strategies and database accuracy.

Unique Features:

  • Access to a vast global database
  • Detailed account and contact profiles
  • Verified emails and phone numbers
  • Social URLs inclusion
  • Tailored for lead generation and sales outreach
  • Personalized marketing strategies
Clearbit Alternative

Clearbit Alternative: Overview

Clearbit stands out in the sales intelligence and B2B marketing world. It helps businesses identify key targets and connect with decision-makers, tapping into a wide network of B2B companies. Its ability to convert anonymous website visitors into potential leads is a game-changer, making it a vital tool for boosting sales efforts.

With a database of over 30 million verified contacts globally, Clearbit offers extensive reach and precise targeting. Its seamless integration with platforms like HubSpot streamlines campaign management, making it a favorite among marketers.

So, to sum up:

  • Sales Intelligence and B2B Marketing: Identifies key targets and connects with decision-makers in the B2B domain.
  • Lead Conversion: Transforms anonymous website visitors into potential leads.
  • Extensive Database: Over 30 million verified contacts for wide-reaching and precise targeting.
  • Seamless Integration: Works smoothly with platforms like HubSpot for easy campaign management.

Key Features:

  • Target market identification
  • Anonymous visitor conversion
  • Large, verified contact database
  • HubSpot integration for campaign management
  • Designed to enhance sales efforts and marketing efficiency

But with all these features, the question remains: Does Clearbit hold its ground against a competitor like DealSignal? Let’s delve deeper into the comparison to find out.


Data Accuracy and Verification

  • DealSignal: Known for its highly accurate and verified B2B data, DealSignal prides itself on maintaining a 97% accuracy rate, with a strong emphasis on regular data verification. It guarantees the accuracy of every data point it provides.
  • Clearbit: Clearbit also focuses on delivering accurate B2B data, leveraging its extensive database and data enrichment tools. However, specific accuracy rates are not prominently highlighted.

Data Coverage and Detail:

  • DealSignal: The platform offers a comprehensive database, including over 600 million global contacts and 20 million companies, encompassing a wide range of industries and sizes. Each contact comes with detailed information, including emails, phone numbers, and social profiles.
  • Clearbit: Clearbit’s database is vast as well, with over 30 million verified contacts. It provides detailed insights into companies and contacts, aiding in the construction of extensive audience profiles.

Data Freshness and Maintenance

  • DealSignal: Places a strong emphasis on the freshness of its data, with all records being verified regularly, ensuring current and relevant information for users.
  • Clearbit: While it focuses on up-to-date data, the specifics of its data maintenance and update frequency are less clear.

Customization and Targeting

  • DealSignal: Offers highly customizable targeting options, allowing users to precisely define their ideal customer profiles using various filters.
  • Clearbit: Provides advanced targeting tools, though the degree of customization and granularity may differ.


DealSignal Coverage

  • Global Reach: DealSignal’s database includes over 600 million global contacts and 20 million companies, offering extensive global coverage.
  • Industry and Market Segmentation: It provides detailed data across various industries, suitable for businesses targeting niche markets or specific industry verticals.
  • Data Depth and Quality: DealSignal emphasizes not just breadth but also depth, offering over 100 data points per contact, including comprehensive account and contact profiles.
  • Customization and Flexibility: The platform allows for high customization in data searches, enabling businesses to tailor their targeting and segmentation precisely.

Clearbit Coverage

  • Global Reach: Clearbit’s coverage spans major regions such as the US, APAC, and EMEA, with over 30 million verified contacts in its database.
  • Industry and Market Segmentation: Clearbit enables users to access a wide array of B2B companies, aiding in the construction of comprehensive target audience lists across different market segments.
  • Data Depth and Quality: Alongside its broad contact database, Clearbit focuses on data enrichment, providing detailed and actionable insights about each contact and company.
  • Customization and Flexibility: While offering tools for market targeting, the level of customization and flexibility in data segmentation with Clearbit may differ when compared to DealSignal.


DealSignal Integration

  • Ease of Integration: DealSignal is known for its user-friendly integration capabilities. It can be seamlessly integrated into various CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and marketing automation platforms. This ease of integration simplifies workflows for sales and marketing teams.
  • Customization and Flexibility: The platform offers a degree of customization in its integration, allowing businesses to tailor the data and features to their specific needs and existing systems.
  • Support and Guidance: DealSignal often provides comprehensive support and guidance to ensure smooth integration, assisting businesses in making the most out of the platform’s capabilities.

Clearbit Integration

  • Integration Challenges: While Clearbit offers powerful data solutions, some users have noted challenges with its integration into existing systems. These challenges might include compatibility issues or complexities in integrating with certain CRM or marketing platforms.
  • Data Sync and Management: Despite its rich data offerings, integrating and managing this data within existing business processes can sometimes be less straightforward with Clearbit, requiring additional effort or technical know-how.
  • Platform-Specific Integrations: Clearbit has strong integration capabilities with certain platforms, like HubSpot, but the experience might vary with other systems, potentially limiting its flexibility in diverse tech environments.

In terms of integration, DealSignal appears to offer a more user-friendly and flexible integration experience, which could be a significant advantage for businesses seeking to enhance their existing systems with minimal disruption. Clearbit, despite its robust data offerings, may present some integration challenges, potentially requiring more technical resources or specific platform compatibility. When choosing between these two options, businesses should evaluate their existing tech stack and integration requirements.

Customer support

DealSignal Customer Support

  • DealSignal is generally known for its client-centric approach. The support team is often praised for being responsive and helpful, addressing issues and queries efficiently.
  • Personalized support is a key aspect of DealSignal’s service, with an emphasis on helping clients make the most of their data solutions. This includes guidance on data integration, usage, and optimization.
  • Continuous updates and proactive communication about new features and improvements are also part of DealSignal’s customer support strategy.

Clearbit Customer Support

  • While Clearbit offers a robust product, some users have noted challenges with its customer support. These issues might include longer response times or difficulties in resolving specific integration or data-related queries.
  • Despite offering various support resources like documentation and online help, there may be room for improvement in terms of personalized, responsive support.
  • The focus of Clearbit’s support appears to be more on the technical aspects of the product, with less emphasis on personalized client interactions or tailored problem-solving.

In the realm of customer support, DealSignal has an edge with its more personalized and responsive approach. Clearbit, while offering a powerful data solution, faces challenges in meeting customer expectations in support responsiveness and personalization. For businesses where customer support is a critical factor, especially in navigating complex data solutions, DealSignal’s approach is more appealing. However, the specific needs and expectations of each business can influence which provider’s customer support is more suitable.


DealSignal Compliance

  • DealSignal’s Privacy Policy highlights its commitment to protecting user data, covering all information collected through its services.
  • DealSignal takes data privacy seriously and complies with regulations like GDPR and CCPA. They help users comply with these regulations by flagging contacts in regions subject to GDPR and CCPA, allowing users to optionally restrict them from their data requests. This is part of their commitment to ensuring data privacy and reducing risk for their clients.
  • The company collects a range of information, including direct user inputs, financial details through third-party processors, and professional information.
  • Its B2B Database focuses on business-related data, sourced from public records, third parties, and direct submissions, avoiding sensitive personal data.
  • DealSignal utilizes cookies and other technologies for analytics and improving user experience.
  • The company uses collected data for various purposes like service provision, customer support, and legal compliance.
  • They share user data under specific conditions with affiliates, and service providers, and as per legal requirements.
  • DealSignal provides detailed information about user rights, particularly for residents in the EU, UK, and California, including data access, correction, deletion, and opt-out options.
  • They offer specific opt-out options for California residents under the CCPA but do not currently respond to Do-Not-Track signals.

Clearbit Compliance

  • Privacy and security are integral to Clearbit’s product development and customer interactions.
  • Clearbit places a high emphasis on privacy and security, aligning its operations with regulations like GDPR and CCPA.
  • As a B2B solution, Clearbit processes business contact data, steering clear of sensitive consumer data.
  • The company believes in the individual’s right to know and control their personal data and offers tools for data subject requests.
  • Clearbit has established a Trust Center to provide transparency in its privacy and security practices.

Both DealSignal and Clearbit show strong adherence to data privacy and compliance with relevant laws. DealSignal offers extensive details on its data practices and emphasizes user control and rights, particularly in varied legal jurisdictions. Clearbit, while also focusing on compliance, integrates privacy principles into product development and offers a Trust Center for transparency.

Each company’s approach to compliance reflects its operational ethos and customer engagement strategy. DealSignal is more detailed in outlining user rights and data handling practices, while Clearbit focuses on embedding privacy into its products and customer relations. Both comply with major data protection laws like GDPR and CCPA, catering to the evolving needs of data privacy and security in the digital age.


DealSignal Pricing

  • DealSignal offers several pricing plans that vary based on the scale of the services required.
  • The Starter plan is priced at $499 per month (billed annually) and includes unlimited access and viewing of up to 300 million records, with 6,000 credits for contact verification and export to CRM, MAP, or CSV.
  • The Professional plan provides custom pricing options, offering unlimited access to up to 450 million records, with credit options ranging from 12,000 to 50,000 for contact verification and export.
  • The Enterprise plan also has custom pricing, featuring unlimited access to up to 600 million records, with credit options of 75,000, 100,000, 500,000, or more.

Clearbit Pricing

  • Clearbit’s pricing model includes a free and a paid plan.
  • The Free Plan offers 25 credits each month at no cost, allowing users to discover leads, reveal site visitors, and build prospect lists directly in HubSpot.
  • The Growth Plan ranges from $50 to $1,000, offering more credits (from 125 to 5,000 each month), with a self-serve, month-to-month billing system.

DealSignal’s pricing structure is tiered to accommodate different business sizes and needs, offering unlimited access to a vast number of records but with limits on contact verification and export credits. This structure is well-suited for businesses looking for scalable data solutions.

Clearbit, on the other hand, provides a more accessible entry point with its free plan, ideal for small businesses or those just starting with data solutions. Its Growth Plan offers flexible pricing and credit tiers, catering to businesses with varying data needs.

In summary, DealSignal’s pricing caters to businesses requiring extensive data access with varying levels of engagement, whereas Clearbit offers a more flexible approach with free and variable paid options, accommodating a wide range of business sizes and needs.

Criteria DealSignalClearbit
Overview A dynamic tool with a global database of over a billion companies and individuals. Focuses on data qualitySales intelligence and B2B marketing tool with a focus on converting anonymous website visitors into leads.
Unique Features– Access to a vast global database
– Detailed account and contact profiles
– Verified emails, phone numbers, and social URLs
– Tailored for lead generation and sales outreach
– Personalized marketing strategies
– Target market identification
– Anonymous visitor conversion
– Large, verified contact database
– HubSpot integration for campaign management
– Enhances sales efforts and marketing efficiency
Data Quality97% accuracy rate with a rigorous verification process using AI, machine learning, and human checksFocuses on delivering accurate B2B data but specific accuracy rates are not highlighted.
Data CoverageOver 600 million global contacts, 20 million companies, and detailed information including social profilesOver 30 million verified contacts, detailed insights into companies and contacts
IntegrationUser-friendly integration with various CRM and marketing platforms, customizable and flexibleChallenges with integration into existing systems; strong integration with specific platforms like HubSpot
Customer SupportKnown for responsive and helpful support, personalized assistance, and proactive communicationSome challenges with response times and specific query resolutions
ComplianceStrong adherence to GDPR and CCPA, detailed information about user rights, and opt-out optionsAlso focuses on privacy and security, aligning with GDPR and CCPA, with a Trust Center for transparency
PricingTiered pricing structure with plans starting at $499/month, offering unlimited access and varying credit limits for contact verification and exportA free plan is available and a Growth Plan with flexible pricing starting from $50/month.
Overall RecommendationIdeal for businesses seeking scalable, high-quality data solutions with a focus on accuracy and depth. Preferred for its precision, customization, and comprehensive supportSuitable for small businesses or startups, particularly those just starting with data platforms


DealSignal vs. Clearbit: Which is Better

In the pursuit of the ideal data enrichment and lead generation platform, our comprehensive comparison of DealSignal and Clearbit sheds light on some crucial aspects. Both platforms have their unique strengths and appeal to different business needs and strategies.

DealSignal’s edge lies in its exceptional data quality, comprehensive global reach, highly customizable solutions, user-friendly integration, and superior customer support. Its tiered pricing structure makes it a suitable option for businesses seeking scalable, high-quality data solutions with a focus on accuracy and depth.

Clearbit, with its substantial database and strong data enrichment capabilities, offers significant value, especially with its free plan which is ideal for small businesses or startups. However, it faces challenges in aspects like integration flexibility and personalized customer support, which are crucial for seamless operation and user satisfaction.

Ultimately, while Clearbit presents a robust solution, especially for businesses just starting with data platforms, DealSignal emerges as a clearer, better alternative for those seeking precision, customization, and comprehensive support in their data-driven strategies. Its commitment to quality, detailed coverage, ease of integration, and dedicated customer support, combined with flexible pricing, make DealSignal a preferable choice for businesses looking to optimize their lead generation and improve database accuracy.

The choice between DealSignal and Clearbit will ultimately depend on your specific business needs, the scale of your operations, and the level of customization and support you require. However, for those prioritizing data precision, comprehensive support, and flexible integration, DealSignal stands out as the superior option.

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